Mobile Devices (Digital Learning Conference, 2013)

Twitter Hashtags for Mobile Learning: #slide2learn, #mlearning , #iPadined

Websites for Resources:
  1. Slide2Learn Ning: (Conference based on handheld devices in Australia). 2014 conference to be held in Sydney, 1st week in July 2014.
  2. Pinterest Resources:
    Pinterest Boards include: "mLearning for Education, mLearning for Early Childhood, iPad apps for Special Needs, Apps for the Music Classroom, iPad and Art, iPad and the Science Classroom, Augmented Reality Apps, Ebook Creation and publication.
  3. Tony Vincent:
  4. iPad Central Wiki:
  5. Mobile Learning for Special Needs Wiki:
  6. Appitic: App Reviews by ADE's. Fantastic Resource
  7. Appolocious: Search Directory for Apps (both iPhone, iPad and Android)

Apps for the Day:
'Speed Think' for 2 mins on set topic. Then put all those words into a tag cloud, take a screen shot, and then use them in 'Word Mover' (poetry) and use those in the eBook, screencast or Comic.
TagCloud Word Cloud App
WordMover Magnetic Poetry for Kids

eBooks: Link to Pinterest Page

BookCreator for iPad: eBook Creator for iPad
Book Writer for iPad eBook Creator for iPad
Kids draw pictures for their book, (or on iPad). Take screenshots...(could even use QR Codes as well), write the book and then export it.

Digital Storytelling:
Explain Everything Screencasting App for iPad (digital storytelling)
  3. Flipped videos

Stop Motion Stopmotion for iPad (claymation) or iMotion HD
Lego Movie Maker app: Record Lego Movies.

Augmented Reality!ar-experiments-aurasma/c23ku

AR DinoPark Augmented Reality and used in conjunction with Strip Designer or Book Creator for narrative writing.
Nathan Jones (ADE) resources on Augmented Reality
  1. colAR: Print out the free dot pages (and draw or place image within the dot for it to change from 2D to 3D).

Music with the iPad
GarageBand for iPad Podcasting with GarageBand

Comics with the iPad
Strip Designer Comics for iPad.

Lesson Ideas and Teacher Tools:
  1. Evernote:
  2. Cloud Options:
    1. Dropbox: Online, Desktop and Apps for online storage (files, photos and videos)
    2. Drop it to me: Can safely and securely send to a Dropbox folder
    3. Google Drive:Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheet and Google Presentations
    4. Showbie:

  1. Prezi: The app for Prezi (online presentation tool). Can view and edit 'Prezi's.
  2. Morfo: Add photo, morph the photo and then add a voice. (Alternate assessment) or for LOTE.
  3. Good Reader: Bring any file into Good Reader (from email) and then notate up.
  4. Notability: Bring document in, sign it and then send it back out again.
  5. BigMind:
  6. Inspiration for iPad:
  7. Popplet
  8. Kidspiration for iPad

Mirroring from your device: